I can’t fucking take this right now I CAN’T


I can’t fucking take this right now I CAN’T

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the punisher : bambi 2 by m7781

welcome to hell ♥


welcome to hell 

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how to lead a fulfilling life:

  1. lean wit it
  2. rock wit it

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this dog is part husky part lab

the split is straight down the middle, quite literally


LOOK AT THIS!!! It looks like two different dogs! She literally got looks from both sides of her parents! JUST IMAGINE HOW HAPPY THEY MUST BE!!!!!

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1) What is your favorite snack?
Vegetable straws

2) Did you sleep with a stuffed animal as a kid?
I slept with different animals but my one constant was ‘blanket’. Total security blanket kid.

3) What is the first award you ever won?
The first award I remember was something in elementary school about being a good student. Does that count?

4) How did you meet your significant other? If you don’t have a significant other, where/how have you met most of your exes?
We worked together at a pet store. OooOOOoooo!

5) If you had a superpower, what would it be?
Either teleportation or flying.

6) What is your favorite scent?
The Carried Away line from Bath and Body Works. For real.

7) What was your first screen name?
Oh man…. AnnaBannana? Something that makes zero sense. Funny story, I told everyone that I met online that my name was Anna Nichole Smith. I had no idea that was a porn star’s name. My best friend’s at the time were named Anna and Becky. Becky’s last name was Smith. I liked my middle name, Nichole. I created a monster.

8) Name your OTP.
Shit. This is hard. Sabriel and Touchstone from the Abhorsen series is all that comes to mind right now. I know I have a better one but it’s not coming to mind currently. How sad….

9) Who is your favorite Disney Prince/Princess?
Aladdin and Jasmine!
10) Who is your favorite Disney Villain? 
Fuckin Jafar.
11) What is a TV show on right now that you love to keep up with?
It’s not currently on TV but Once Upon a Time.

I will perhaps make new questions and tag people later…. I got’s to get ready for work!

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Rule 1: Follow the rules.
Rule 2: Answer questions and create 11 new ones.
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1. At what age did you stop believing in Santa Claus/Easter Bunny/Tooth Fairy (if you ever did)?
Oh lord. I don’t even remember. Elementary school, I think. Not sure if it was the end of it or the middle but some where.

2. What was your dream car growing up?
I didn’t care what it looked like, I just wanted it to be green.

3. What makes your pet so special and unique? (If you don’t have one, what trait do you want in a pet?)
Expressions. Navi and Lil Bit are both very good at expressing emotions. It’s freaking adorable.

4. If you could plan a dream vacation anywhere, where would you go?
Japan. Hands down.

5. What is the worst crime you’ve ever witnessed? 
Some guy came into my store, tried to steal like 3 or 4 hoodies, we put him in the backroom til the cops came, he left a large bag of weed in our back room for someone to pick up, he stole his friend’s car and booked it. Haha.

6. What is your favorite pumpkin flavored item?
Pumpkin pie. Haha!!!!

7. What was your most favorite 90’s cartoon?
Does Sailor Moon count? Sailor Moon.

8. If you could go back and watch your life from the beginning without being able to stop or change anything, would you?
No thanks. Haha. I’d critique the shit out of it.

9. What is your perfect sandwich?
Ham and provolone.

10. Favorite magical/fantasy creature? (and why!)
Oh man….. Fairy. I think I just grew up with fairy stuff for so long including being in Midsummer Night’s Dream when I was in like 4th grade… They’re just really cool.

11. What show are you most excited about coming back for another season?
Once Upon a Time. For sure. It’s so addicting. Haha.


1. If you could have any animal on the planet as a pet, what would you choose?
2. What’s your favorite season?
3. Do you have a teacher from school that you still remember to this day?
4. What’s one word you would use to describe yourself?
5. If your life could be that of a video game, what game would you choose?
6. If you could choose your own name, would you change it to something else? If so, what?
7. What’s your dream job?
8. If you could pack your bags and move somewhere, where would it be?
9. Do you collect anything and if so, what?
10. If you could determine your brothers and sisters, would you add or subtract? This includes if you’re an only child. (For example: I would add an older sibling that was closer to my age. I have zero preference on whether it would be a brother or sister.)
11. What’s your favorite anime convention memory?

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